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    • Courier service arrangement from China to Malaysia, Singapore via air and sea shipment in small or big quantities.

    • As an agent to help customers to purchase from Taobao, 1688 or any other shopping platforms from China.

    • Agent : Ideal for those who wish to start their own delivery business and already have some existing customers on hand.

    • VIP : Ideal for businesses which ship in big quantities.

    • Normal Member : Ideal for small bussinesses or personal use in small quantities.

    • Every month Myposman rewards referral bonus to our customers who recommend their friends to use our services.*

    • Agent : No referral bonus.

    • VIP : Entitle 1% for tier 1 and 1% for tier 2 on total amount spend from their downline.

    • Normal Member : Entitle 1% for tier 1 on total amount spend from their downline.

    • Agent : Yes, kindly contact Myposman for further information (016-418 5240 / 011-1098 3800)

    • VIP : No.

    • Normal Member : No.

    • To become VIP member, customers need to top up minimum RMB 500 for every top up transaction.

    • Normal member doesn't have minimum top up amount.

    • Myposman provides comprehensif website where members can arrange and track their items easily.

    • Enjoy Referral Bonus every month.

    • Enjoy discount vouchers and rebates from Taobao shopping via Myposman Wechat Taobao Rebates & Voucher.

    • It is a channel for Myposman members to check and get rebates & vouchers on items that they wanted to buy from Taobao through Myposman Wechat system.

    • Please watch the video on how to check and get rebates & vouchers at HERE

    • Simplify the process of adding items information from Taobao to Myposman at one click. Very useful and convenient especially for those who don’t know chinese language.

    • Kindly view the video on how to download at HERE

    • The maximum compensation from Cargo Company are USD 100 or 5x of order's shipment fees, whichever lower.

    • The amount will be base on the value of your items and need to be prove, eg Tao bao transaction of the item.

    • Under any circumstances, if item/ order package is unpack due to customer request or Custom check, any lost of item is not responsible by MYPOSMAN and any additional handling charges will be charge to the direct owner / customer. Eg. Penalties fees from the Custom.

    • If customer declare item as normal while item is sensitive, high chance that Custom will confiscate the item or return the item to MYPOSMAN China warehouse. The ship fees will be burn and not return. Further more, any charges or fine from the Custom will be charge to customer. Upon request from Custom, MYPOSMAN will co-operate with Custom and provide neccessary customer information to the Custom.