Good News. It is newer, bigger, safer warehouse than ever. Please update our new Foshan Warehouse address to taobao, 1688, pinduoduo, and your supplier now. Visit HOME now, and copy the Address.

好消息。比以往更新,更大,更安全的仓库。请现在将我们新的佛山仓库地址更新为淘宝,1688,拼多多和您的供应商。立即访问 HOME ,然后复制地址。
INFO! Myposman Air and Sea Freight will be stopped shipping MASK. Please take note.
INFO! Good NEWS!! NEW Direct Parcel Service from Guangzhou direct to Malasysia warehouse. As low as 6.5 yuan for subsequent KG!! Check it now at PRICE. Thank you.
好消息!! 新广州直发西马服务 将从广州直接海运发货到西马仓库. 最低消费为 18元一公斤,续公斤 6.5元,千万别错过!! 点击PRICE以查寻更多的信息。谢谢。

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