Guide Line

Kindly take note that this is not a comprehensive list of goods that are restricted and prohibited. If your item does not appear on this list below and you’re not sure that your goods are allowed into the country, kindly click on Malaysia’s complete list. (

Malaysia ban on illicit drugs – the punishment for smuggling drugs is extremely severe. Those who are caught doing so are punished with death by hanging.

Contacting Malaysia Customs:
Malaysia customs phone number:1-300-888-500
Address: Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia, Kompleks Kementerian Kewangan No 3, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2, 62596, Putrajaya

    PROHIBITED goods, including but not limited to;

    1. Sodium arsenate

    2. Counterfeit money

    3. Chemicals

    4. Indecent or pornographic materials

    5. Arms and weapons

    6. Sharp and dangerous items

    7. Drugs

    8. Liquor, wine, beer, alcohol drinks

    9. Cigarette, tobacco

    10. Flammable, explosive

    11. Perishable items

    12. Chemicals

    13. Relics

    14. Documents such as passport, identity card etc

    15. Evidence

    16. Precious jewelry

    17. Precious metals

    18. Living things such as animals and plants

    19. Seeds

    20. Corpse

    21. Fresh food such as fresh fruits, vegetables, raw meat, fish etc

    22. Anything that is unsuited with peace or is prejudicial to Malaysia’s interests

    SENSITIVE goods, including but not limited to;

    1. Contain liquid items. Common items such as perfume, drinks, oil, skin care products etc.

    2. Contain magnet items. Common items such as speaker, earphone, radio, sound system, magnetic tools etc.

    3. Contain battery items. Common items such as toy, calculator, watches, power bank etc.

    4. Electrical appliances. Common items such as fan, juicer, vacuum, rice cooker etc.

    5. Contain electronic parts or chips. Common items such as SD card, computer, pendrive etc.

    6. Goods with international brand name. Both genuine or imitation goods need to declare as sensitive items. Common brands such as LV, Gucci, Nike, Adidas, Rolex, Omega, LiNing, Mi and HuaWei etc.

    7. Contain powder substances items. Common items such as skin care products, wheat flour, soy powder, milk powder, almond powder, spice & herbs etc.

    8. Contain substances that can apply on body. Common items such as lipstick, cream, makeup products etc.

    9. Goods related religions. Religion books, CD, VCD, DVD.

    10. Food limited to dried food only. Fresh fruits, vegetables and raw meat are prohibited items.

    11. All kind of medicines in any form.