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VIP Express And Affordable Sea Freight | VIP极速及优惠海运

Aug 092019

NEW Guangzhou Warehouse Super Affordable Sea Freight service coming!

Due to Ops pintas and Operation cost increase, we are sad to put our old Guangzhou and Baiyun warehouse to stop accepting items and order.

However, fear not our dear customer. We had come back with New 越秀区 Guangzhou warehouse that offer super affordable sea freight at RMB 650 / CBM! And the minimum CBM is remain at 0.3CBM! Now you can enjoy sea freight start from RMB 195 with 0.3CBM!

And SENSITIVE order price is same as RMB 650 per CBM!

This Super Express Sea freight, will ship the items received within the same day! It is fast and reliable. This is the sea freight service that your business cannot miss!

Effective from 1st September 2019 | Only for VIP member

For more information please visit MYPOSMAN Price




由于Ops Pintas 和种种起价的问题,我们很遗憾将旧广州和白云仓库停止接受物品和订单。

但是,亲爱的顾客不要担心。我们将带来新广州 越秀区 仓库,以 ¥650 / CBM的价格提供超实惠的海运费!并且最低消费保持在0.3CBM!现在您可以享受海运费从人民币195起,0.3CBM!

还有,我们这次也将敏感货定价在 RMB 650 / CBM!! 绝对物超所值!!

这款Super Express 海运,将在包裹到仓库的同一天内发货!它快速可靠。这是您的生意上不容错过的海运服务!

2019年9月1日起生效 | 只限于VIP会员

欲了解更多信息,请访问 MYPOSMAN Price