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All you need to know 20-Dec-2021

Dec 202021

myposman 20-Dec-2021

Myposman would like to apologize for a sea freight shipment (63449) from Foshan warehouse that are drag for more than 1 months to be release from custom.

The reason of delay is because of a irresponsible member (MC2452), on purpose declared the items as lab item bottle, but was actually Sars-CoV-2 Ag Saliva Rapid Test Kit. This had cause penalty from custom as well as container detention due to documentation different from actual contents.

Action will be taken, Myposman will terminate the account MC2452 due to his dishonesty and lack of the initiative to admit his mistake.

We would like to take the opportunity to remind all customer of Myposman to declare item honestly and please be remind as below:



  • If you are unsure of your goods are fall under pandemic item, please check without Customer Service before proceeding purchasing/ shipment
  • Customer are reminded to declare item truthfully, any mis-declare by mistake or by purpose will cause delay to the shipment and could lead to extra charges / fine
  • Any battery, need to declare with our customer service before placing order for shipment. Currently China air cargo and customer are strict on battery item due to recently there are cases battery explode causing fire in the cargo.



  • Guang Zhou warehouse sea freight to West malaysia ship fees will be revise from RMB 820 yuan to RMB 800 yuan start from 20-Dec-2021
  • Due to heavy rain over the weekend (20211218-20211219), Port Klang and some main road are flooded. This will caused a longer lead time for the container to be clear, unload and delivery. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please follow the following link for latest update. Thank you.