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MYPOSMAN Chrome Browser Extension Video!! HOT!!

Jan 152018



Way to use MYPOSMAN Chrome Browser Extension to import information of item purchased from Tao Bao (TaoBao 淘宝)!

This will reduce a lot of mistake, helping customer and helping us as well!

Register free now at MYPOSMAN.

Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to add this extension to Chrome Browser.

This extension can be found at Chrome Web Store.

If you are looking for the document for MYPOSMAN Chrome Browser Extension, you may visit our earlier post by clicking HERE.

Thank you for your support.

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Cara untuk menggunakan Myposman Chrome Browser Extension.

Ini extension akan bantu anda mengurangkan kesilapan masa mengisi informasi barangan Tao Bao (TaoBao 淘宝).

Register sekarang di MYPOSMAN secara percuma.

Harap extension ini akan membantu anda, anda dialu-alukan untuk menggunakan MYPOSMAN Chrome Browser extension ini.

Extension ini boleh didapati dari Chrome Web Store.

Kalau anda ingin cari dokumen tentang MYPOSMAN Chrome Browser Extension ini, anda boleh melawati post kami di SINI.

Sekian Terima Kasih.

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MYPOSMAN Chrome Browser Extension

Jan 112018


MYPOSMAN is happy to announce that we had build a Chrome browser extension to ease our customer to pull item's name, track number and cost into our system at Tao Bao page with just 1 click!

Don't miss out, check this PDF  for information on how you can install and use it.

If you are in Chrome browser now, simply visit HERE to the Chrome Store and install Myposman Extension.

Video of MYPOSMAN Chrome Extension is now available at HERE. Subscribe to our channel for more latest information from Myposman!